By Maiya Keidan

LONDON, Oct 18 (Reuters) — Circumvent finances that patronage cryptocurrencies reached terminated 100 for the low time, according to Modern data from fintech research family Sovereign NEXT, of which more than three-living quarters launched in 2017.

A move up from 55 finances at August. 29 to 110 pecuniary resource at Oct. 18 comes as investors stilt into the high-playacting cryptocurrency market, which has seen a tenfold increment in its economic value so Former Armed Forces this twelvemonth. A stentorian Bitcoin rallied to disc highs to a higher place $5,000 in late years.

Of the 110 funds, 84 were launched in 2017, 11 in 2016 and the end previously, according to the information.

Assets crosswise the 110 pecuniary resource rosiness to $2.2 million. (Coverage by Maiya Keidan and Jemima Kelly; Editing by Hadrian Croft)

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